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1 year ago
Waste of money barely a difference haha
pressed [f] to pay respects 1 year ago
Moment of silence for all dudes who have small dicks, i genuinly think mine is small and given that it's 6.5x4.9in and im 27 yo virgin, i think that having a small cock is the single most destructive thing that you can think of living as a human male.
penis pump lover 2 years ago
i have the exact same one it suck so hard and it even makes my penis so big it comes to the top of the tube
2 years ago
Amazon ??
1 year ago
how funny it would be if it exploded and he was left with nothing but two nuts heheeeee
1 year ago
No need for pumps. Just find someone (male/female) to suck your cock
1 year ago
Poor guy cannot enjoy sex
Jordan S.A 2 months ago
Definitely didn't make it bigger
Jrr 1 year ago
My next toy
4 months ago
I saw a big difference. Wow! Your cock got big and swollen. How did it feel?